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Founded in Ann Arbor by 5 engineers that love product development. Treetown Tech builds relationships through transparent interactions, solid deliveries, and exceeding expectations.


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Why Treetown Tech?

We know there are many engineering consulting companies to choose from but by choosing Treetown Tech you get a team of multi-disciplined engineers you can trust. We hire great engineers that spread the gambit of disciplines, because we’ve learned over the years that good product development requires both highly specialized skills and broad understanding of the how everything needs to come together for a successful product. Our team of expert engineers is here to help you.

How about your name?

A company rooted in Ann Arbor, we thought it only appropriate to play off of a nickname of our beloved city, Tree Town. We believe in growing and giving back to our community, so with the plan to be here for years to come, why not pick a name that reminds us of such a great town.

What should we expect?

Expect a dedicated team of solutionists, here to listen to your needs, research your market, mentor you through product development, and get you a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Some of the team

Kris Schilling
Lead IOT Engineer

Mechanical Engineer turned software dev. Jack of all trades, master of many. CAD. Mechanical Design. Design for Manufacturing. Embedded software. Rock climber. Full stack web development. Everything IoT.  Michigan native. Embedded software. Labview guru. Beer nerd. U of Michigan Mechanical Engineer w/ Masters.

Nate Ernst
Chief Mechanical Engineer

FEA. Mechanical design. System engineering. Product planning. Michigan native. 1st fuel cell in a UAV. DARPA hard. Car Restorer. Beer brewer. Hands on. Thermo & fluids geek.  2nd generation engineer. U of Michigan Mechanical Engineering w/ Masters.

Casey Alford
Managing Partner

Embedded software. 4 Startups, 2 time co-founder. Simulation software. Product planning. Engineering management. Poor golfer. Michigan native born in Ohio. Building local and thinking global. Field application engineering. Data analysis. Business planning. U of Michigan Computer Engineering.

Nathan Goslee
Chief Electrical Engineer

Electronics sage. DC conversion specialist. Fixes friend’s cars for free. Embedded software. Android developer. Dog lover. Battery management. Schematic design. Tesla geek. Michigan native. Brushless motor control. Maybe a Viking. Engineering Renaissance Man. Best poll barn in the tri-state area. U of Michigan Computer Engineering.

Mike Gorski
Chief Controls Engineer

Mike is mechanical engineer turned controls and electronics guru. Mike studied in the Yoop at Michigan Tech with a focus on Mechanical engineering. After graduation, he made his way to Ann Arbor he joined a startup where he grew an appreciation for electronics and software.

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