About Us

We are great engineers with open minds and a desire to collaborate

Innovative product development requires two very different mindsets:  solving specialized and complicated technical problems that require a depth of skill and experience, and understanding the production and use contexts that require a breadth of knowledge and perspective.  Running through both of those mindsets is curiosity and creativity.

We love the challenge of bringing all those different pieces together, and we are constantly expanding our capabilities to handle more technical problems in more contexts.



System Engineering
Embedded Systems / IOT
Mechanical Design
Full Stack App Development

How about your name?

Ann Arbor is Treetown – and our home base.  Though the products we develop are used far and wide around the globe, we love the deep connection we have with our town.  And Ann Arbor has a lot to love – like these ways that Ann Arbor ranks as a great place.

Our Team

Brendan Fike
Technical Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer
Aerospace Engineer turned mechanical engineer and project manager. Dog lover and K9 Search handler. Ann Arbor native. U of Michigan Aerospace Engineer w/ Masters. Western Michigan University, MBA.
Kris Schilling
Lead IOT Engineer, Partner

Mechanical Engineer turned software dev. Jack of all trades, master of many. CAD. Mechanical Design. Design for Manufacturing. Embedded software. Rock climber. Full stack web development. Everything IoT.  Michigan native. Embedded software. Labview guru. Beer nerd. U of Michigan Mechanical Engineer with Masters.

Mike Gorski
Lead Controls Engineer, Partner

Mike is mechanical engineer turned controls and electronics guru. Mike studied in the Yoop at Michigan Tech with a focus on Mechanical engineering. After graduation, he made his way to Ann Arbor he joined a startup where he grew an appreciation for electronics and software.

Nate Ernst
Lead Mechanical Engineer, Partner

FEA. Mechanical design. System engineering. Product planning. Michigan native. 1st fuel cell in a UAV. DARPA hard. Car Restorer. Beer brewer. Hands on. Thermo & fluids geek.  2nd generation engineer. U of Michigan Mechanical Engineering w/ Masters.

Nathan Goslee
Lead Electrical Engineer, Partner

Electronics sage. DC conversion specialist. Fixes friend’s cars for free. Embedded software. Android developer. Dog lover. Battery management. Schematic design. Tesla geek. Michigan native. Brushless motor control. Maybe a Viking. Engineering Renaissance Man. Best poll barn in the tri-state area. U of Michigan Computer Engineering.

Casey Alford
Managing Partner

Embedded software. 4 Startups, 2 time co-founder. Simulation software. Product planning. Engineering management. Poor golfer. Michigan native born in Ohio. Building local and thinking global. Field application engineering. Data analysis. Business planning. U of Michigan Computer Engineering.

Matthew Reed
Software and Electronics Engineer

Loves everything software and electronics. Coffee aficionado. International volunteer. Altium. Embedded software expert. Creates electronics in his spare time. Cedarville University Computer Engineer.

Larry Mercier
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Owns almost all specialty tools.  Built a carbon-fiber turbine for fun. Takes DIY to new levels.  Believes great design comes from iteration.  Solidworks. U of M Mechanical Engineer.

Brian Daniels
Senior Software Engineer

Embedded software and full-stack software developer. Git Guru. Trombone player. Linux enthusiast. Poor homebrewer. Spaceflight history nerd. Michigan native-born in Ohio, with a short stint in Austin, Texas. U of Michigan Computer Engineer.


Vivek Reddy Alla
Robotics Software Engineer

Vision systems and robotics software developer.  Traveling the US one long car ride at time.  Full stack web development.  Best hair in the office.  RTLS data analysis.  Classic video game connoisseur. Matlab and Python testing.  Master in Robotics U of Michigan.

Jason Bazylewicz
Engineering Technician

Can build anything. CAD designer. Can probably fix your car. Voluntary movie quoter. Shop manager. Eastern Michigan University Engineering Management.

Chris Schoeps
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Loves prototyping.  3D printing aficionado. Builds homemade meat smokers.  Fuel cell system design.  Jeep off-roading.  Solidworks.  Michigan native, U of Michigan Mechanical Engineer.

Daniel Simon
Software Engineer

Best vanity license plate in the state.  Embedded software expert. Drives a small car and fast motorcycle.  Created modernized Duck Hunt.  Touch screen UI creator. Classically trained pianist.  U of Michigan Computer Engineer.

James Coller
Technical Project Manager

Loves all things nautical. Designed a 17-foot unmanned boat. Michigan native. Finishing a PhD, eventually. U of Michigan Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Esther Franck
Office Manager

NASCAR Team EVP (really!). Law Firm Operations. Now Managing all things Office at TreeTown. Michigan Native born in Ohio. Loves Jeopardy, Yoga and Baking Cakes. Not an Engineer 🙂

Vince Jandernoa
Mechanical Engineer

Heading out for Peace Corps post in June 2020.  Solidworks.  Aero design. Environmental systems.  Treetown Summer Intern Alumnus. U of Michigan Aerospace Engineer.

Luke Wittrup
Software Engineer
Budding software engineer. Embedded systems. Mediocre golfer. Django and React guru. Sad Detroit sports fan. Mobile app and HMI design. Michigan native. U of Michigan Computer Engineering.