Treetown Tech’s electrical engineering team has a full range of experience developing hardware, from one off prototypes to fully production hardened electronics.  We can help you with your next electronics project in automotive, military (ITAR), or consumer electronics.

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies

    Treetown tech uses the latest tools to create your custom circuit boards. From prototype boards built with our reflow oven to helping you get 1000s made, we are here.

  • Power Electronics

    Designers of world class fully digital buck/boost converters. Whether it is a energy scavenging DC/DC converter with Solar and Wind inputs or multiple kilowatt battery charger we can design a custom DC/DC converter to fit your application.

  • Brushless Motor Drives

    Integrated brushless motor drivers.

  • System on a Module

    End user specific PCAs to fit SOM module along with customized Android kernels to adapt all your peripherals.

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