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Right-sized engineering to meet your needs


We Solve Complicated Problems.

We are experienced, expert engineers, designers, and software developers who can make your idea a reality.


We make product development easier. Our team thrives on projects that require more than just technical solutions.  Using our decades of experience in product development, we start by understanding your business needs, market size, target users, and manufacturing volumes and blend them into a plan that leads to quick results.  Getting you to market quicker and headed in the right direction from the start.


 With extensive backgrounds in software, electrical, and mechanical engineering we work with all phases of product development.  This “all under one roof” team breaks down the traditional barriers that exist between different discipline teams.  This also allows us to provide the right resource at the right time, even for small projects.


 When we aren’t working on amazing projects we are usually off playing with the latest technologies.  From the latest in full-stack web applications to cutting-edge design tools, we can help guide your project to not only be ready for launch but to be poised for feature updates for years to come saving you both time and money.


Electronics, Software, and Internet of Things

We build connected products. With in-house app software, embedded software, and PCB engineers we can bring your product into the IoT revolution and show you how to leverage the data sets it can generate.  We have developed starting IoT projects that let us quickly prototype your ideas before committing to full-scale development.  Our clients rely on us from quickly prototyped android applications to full factory asset tracking systems with management and technician dashboards.


Smart Factories and Automation

Industry 4.0 is here and Treetown Tech makes it available to any sized factory. From connecting legacy system to custom software solutions, we are here to make your daily operations smother.  We are passionate about blending best in class solutions to bring the benefits of IoT to small and medium-sized manufacturers.


Power Management

Our co-founders all met working on DARPA hard level problems at a fuel cell company.  We have been designing advanced low power energy management systems for the last ten years including high-efficiency DC to DC converters for fuel cells, solar panels, and gasoline generators.  Through this work, we have experience with everything from advanced lithium-ion battery management to lead-acid battery banks for remote power backups.  Our clients rely on us for power electronics hardware and software as well as battery pack design.


Mechanical Design

Our team has an extensive background in mechanical design using the latest in CAD and simulation tools.  In addition to handling mechanical design for full product development projects, we help our clients with specific problems they are having in the mechanical space such as structural analysis, FEA, flow simulation, and light weighting.  We understand the difference between building five of something and a million of something and can help you right-size your project in both method and help select the right suppliers to take you from prototype to product launch.


Indoor and Outdoor Tracking Solutions

Loose track of assets, need to remove bottlenecks, want to optimize your operations? Treetown Tech can help you can transform your business into a highly efficient, powerful and streamlined operation. Using technology based on ultrawideband TDoA from Sewio, only Treetown Tech gives you the RTLS hardware and software you need to gain accurate and actionable data and be more productive, cost-effective and safe.

Who We Are

Treetown Tech specializes in high tech product development. Each member of our team has decades of experience working in startups on cutting-edge technologies. With a key focus on products involving software, electronics, and hardware.  We have designed everything from patented truck bumpers to IoT pressure controllers to advanced portable power systems.

Our team of electrical, software, and mechanical engineers would love the challenge of creating solutions to meet your needs.

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